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Letters from the Canary Islands and Spain - Barrie Mahoney

Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic

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Letters from the Canary Islands and Spain

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This book aims to celebrate what Barrie and many others enjoy about living and working in the Canary Islands and Spain. These letters are inspired by his life in an adopted country.

For Barrie, these islands are a paradise and he could not imagine living anywhere else. When he first visited the Canary Islands on a package holiday many years ago, he knew that one day, somehow, he would live there.

Barrie has been fortunate, the UK being a member of the European Union has certainly helped, as did his career change from teacher to reporter. Life is short, and it is hoped that in some small way, this book will help to inspire and motivate others to ‘seek and live their dream’.

What’s Inside?

Learn more about living and working in the Canary Islands and Spain with: Crackers and Crappers; For the Love of Paper; Overweight 'Bridegrooms of Death'; All Helmets and Lycra; An Appointment for an Appointment; The Cost of Expats Dying; Learn a Language with Beer and Insomnia; Chickpeas or Coco Pops for Breakfast; Brexit Going Bananas; Bed and Breakfast, but no Roof; A Traitor in Paradise; The Russia Connection; Fuel Poverty; Let's Thresh a Lentil; Documentoscopia; Win a House for Five Euros and much more about living and working in a foreign country.

'Letters from Spain and the Canary Islands' by Barrie Mahoney

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It is also available on Kindle.

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Barrie Mahoney