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Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic

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Message in a Bottle


Second edition!

It all started with a dream...

‘Message in a Bottle’ is a ‘tongue in cheek’, yet reflective view of life abroad for expats living in a country with a different language, different culture and, more importantly, a different pace of life. This is not yet another travel book, but a well observed view of people, society and the culture when living in another country.

‘Message in a Bottle’ is the third book in a series based upon ‘Letters from the Atlantic’, written from an island in the Atlantic, and intended for expats living overseas. It is an essential guide to living and loving a new country, and includes a few things that may surprise you!

What’s Inside?

Learn more about living and working in Spain and the Canary Islands with: The Ship that Died, Wear White and Throw Talcum Powder, Imaginary Noises? Daring to Dream the Impossible, Head for the Mountains, The World Cradle of Rum, Dentists and Sweet Delights, Blisters and Sore Bums, Where Should I Move To? Sandcastles at Christmas and Roundabouts, Girls and Prickly Cactus and much more about living and working in a foreign country.

Message in a Bottle by Barrie Mahoney

ISBN: 9780995602700 (Paperback and Kindle editions)

You can order this book from Amazon, Waterstones, Blackwell and all good bookshops.
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Barrie Mahoney