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Letters from the Atlantic

Second edition!
‘Letters from the Atlantic’ is an amusing and sometimes shocking reflection of life for those who are tempted by sunshine and a lower cost of living to live and work abroad. Barrie’s temptation for a life in the sun led to many pitfalls and disasters, as well as learning more about his fellow ‘ex-pats’ and the Spanish people and their culture. This book recounts his adventures from leaving the UK in a series of letters. These letters are intended to be an inspiration for those tempted by a life in the sun, as well as some cautionary advice based on Barrie’s real life experiences in Spain and the Canary Islands.

This is not a travel book, but a well-observed view on people, society and the culture of living in another country. Barrie’s work as a reporter and editor of an English language newspaper in Spain led him to meet a wide range of people, some amazing and some weird, but most who had stories and experiences to share with others. The book reflects how communities living abroad support each other especially when they live in nationalist enclaves. “A little piece of Britain” mentality exposes some wonderfully positive aspects of life abroad, as well as some disturbing issues that made Barrie feel sometimes embarrassed to be British.

Letters from the Atlantic by Barrie Mahoney

ISBN: 9780992767136

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