'Living the Dream'

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Expat Survival

Second edition!
The true expat feels a genuine sense of being in the right place and not just where he happens to be, based upon an accident of birth. Each day is an adventure, a new chapter to be read, a lifestyle to be tasted and savoured. The true expat also quickly realises that it is not about what he can get from his adopted country, but what he can give back in return.

This book is a follow up to two earlier books for expats: ‘Letters from the Atlantic’ and ‘Living the Dream’, which are based upon my weekly ‘Twitters from the Atlantic’ that are published in a number of magazines and newspapers across the world. Each ‘Twitter’ is intended to be a light-hearted account and a reflection of my own life as an expat over a period of one year. Some may make readers laugh, whilst others may make readers cry in despair or even anger, yet others are meant to be a gentle prod in what I have found to be the right direction for me. This is not a ‘Do it yourself guide’ either, but a few thoughts on the best way to survive in a country that is your choice and not merely an accident of birth.

Expat Survival by Barrie Mahoney

ISBN: 978-0992767167 (Paperback and Kindle editions)

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