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Escape to the Sun


People will always have dreams and passions, for that is the true essence of the human condition. For some, this may mean a larger home, a new car, or climbing a mountain. For many others, like myself, it is the dream of a new life, new experiences, new cultures, the opportunity to experience, taste and smell the excitement in a place that is of our own choosing and not merely based upon an accident of birth.

For many, the dreams will be of a less stressful life, an opportunity to be challenged by new experiences, new and exciting work opportunities, a place where there is a high quality of life in which a young family may grow. For others, it may be the dream of a carefree, long, happy and healthy retirement, but for all it is an ‘Escape to the Sun’.

What’s Inside?

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Escape to the Sun by Barrie Mahoney
ISBN: 9780957544444

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Barrie Mahoney