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Writing Inspired by an Island in the Atlantic

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News and Blogs

The Canary islander Publishing publishes a variety of news feeds and blogs that are designed to promote the Canary Islands and expat living.

News from the Canary Islands

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Our popular news feeds are used by a number of media outlets, estate agencies and holiday companies to keep their clients up to date with current news from the Canary Islands. This news feed is also available on Kindle devices.

‘Letters from the Atlantic’ and ‘Living in the Canary Islands and Spain’

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These popular blogs by author and columnist, Barrie Mahoney, feature in a number of publications worldwide including Spain, the Canary Islands, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Portugal, as well as the UK. ‘Letters from the Atlantic' take a light hearted look at life in the Canary Islands and Spain, as well as giving advice, support and suggestions through its sister blog 'Living in the Canary Islands and Spain'.